Day 50 – WHO am I within and as LOVE? – Self-Commitment and Self-Corrective Statements

20. Juli 2012

When and as I see myself experiencing shame, specifically when I see someone is doing something that triggers ’shame‘ within me – I STOP, I breath – I commit myself to NOT define myself accordingly to the emotion ’shame‘ – and see ’shame‘ for what it is: an energy-experience – I commit myself to investigate how and why I allow and accept ’shame‘ to exist within and as me – and apply SF on those points. I realize that ’shame‘ is a mind-protection-mechanism and is in fact fear of change, fear of facing self within a specific point and realize self within that point. Therefore I commit myself to push me to face myself regardless and utilize ’shame‘ as an opportunity to face myself as the Mind-Consciousness-System to get to know myself and to equalize myself within and as the Mind – to become the directive principle within and as my Mind to stop being an automated robot and start living and applying myself in self-awareness.

I commit myself to face myself as all the layers of memories, knowledge and information – that I stored, supressed, created and so separated myself further more from myself – and to align myself to Physical Oneness and Equality.

When and as I see myself desiring to experience myself in ’new fields‘, to have a ’new‘ experience – I STOP, I breath – I realize that I am existing within and as Energy – manipulating myself into a state of ‚lack‘ as a justification and validation for me to consume substance to generate more energy within and as an Illusion of becoming MORE within and as a positive-energy-experience. I commit myself to prepare myself to stop myself as Energy once and for all and walk my Process of Change constantly and consistantly until I birth myself as LIFE in Oneness and Equality and stop being a finite energy-experience and start living and expressing self as eternal life HERE.

I commit myself to show that the Love-Experience can be precisely described and explained in an understandable way as it is done and walked within the What is Sex and the Shocking Secrets of Masturbation Series on Eqafe; within that I commit myself to educate myself in the detail of how the Love-Experience truely works, to truely get to know myself to become the directive principle within my participation, my living, my application, because I realize that I first have to take full self-responsibility for all that I have ever created, allowed, accepted, participated in, believed in – to really be able to change it, as I only can change it, if I am one and equal with it. Within that I realize that there cannot be any ‚mysterious‘ experiences, force or power existent within me or as me, and that the ‚mystery‘ about it, is but a self-created, accepted and allowed delusion and illusion – so, I commit myself to walk all ‚mysteries‘ in my life, to expose them and change the ‚I don’t know‘ – which is in fact ‚I do not want to know‘ to ‚I want to know‘ and ‚I know‘ and then to equalize my participation, application and my living into and as Oneness and Equality and so create a world that’s best for all.

I commit myself to expose Love for what it really is – NOT a mysterious godly power or force, but a self-created experience based on the generation of feelings and emotions within and as one’s Mind only.

I commit myself to show that if Love would have been a Godly Power or External Divine Force, it would have created Heaven on Earth hundreds of years ago – and Love would not just ‚appear‘ as a ‚mysterious‘ experience within special ‚relationships‘, and some day maybe again ‚disappear‘ and leave fuckups, traumas and problems behind.

I commit myself to show how ‚weak‘ Love indeed is – as it cannot make any substancial difference in the Physical – except the Abuse of the Physical: Self-Abuse and Abuse of all as Self, as Love is a self-created finite positive-energy-experience in one’s Mind only! at the costs of Substance/Eternal Life/Physical Oneness and Equality.

I commit myself to stop the judgment of true-lovers and love-manipulators within and as me – I realize that I have created that judgment accordingly to my own ‚experience‘ of energy – within that I realize that I have created a polarity-game – with true-lovers as Givers of Love, and love-manipulators as Takers of Love – and that both ‚pols‘ are in fact the same Illusion, working within the same principle as Self-Manipulation and Self-Separation.

I realize that my ‚judgment‘ is based on the Illusion of energy-experience – ‚good‘ as what serves me ( I like, I want, I desire, I envy) and ‚bad‘ as what does not serve me (I dislike, I resist, I avoid, I fear) – and is therefore as LIFE not valid at all, as it does not ‚operate‘ within and as Oneness and Equality of the Physical – but only as the justification, validation and excuse for, within and as Separation.

I commit myself to show that the ‘source’ of LOVE is NOT a ‘mysterious alliance’ between male and female (or whatever preferences beings have), but a self-created Manipulation within and as one’s Mind only to generate and create Energy.

I commit myself to show that true-lovers – as those who claim to be love givers – are in fact abusers and self-abusers – as they do in fact NOT care about anyone or anything but themselves and their energy-experience, because one does NOT do anything ‚positive‘ ( in fact anything substancial at all) when one is ‚thinking‘ positive, or creating a feeling of love within and as one’s Mind only -within that I commit myself to show that LOVE that exists within and as one’s Mind only has NO real value and will NOT change anything on Earth, because the Earth is Physical and not a Mind-Creation – and when one want to change the Physical or have an Influence on the Physical – it has to be Physical Change – therefore I commit myself to re-create myself as physical lover – in terms of – Love being a tangible, visible Physical Movement and application of myself in Oneness and Equality with and as the Physical that will lead to a result that is best for ALL (Physical as) Life.

I commit myself to show that love-manipulators as those who claim to be able to manipulate other’s feelings to achieve their goals (sex) are deluding themselves and have NO real power at all, as LOVE is a energy-experience generated within and as one’s Mind only, and one is in fact self-responsible for the feelings and emotions one generate within and as oneself’s Mind only – that’s common sense.

I commit myself to expose the Mind-Love/Lover for what it really is – a Rapist of the Physical. Therefore whenever I become aware of desiring being in love, desiring expeirencing love, daydreaming about Love, indulging in pictures/memories of Love – I STOP!!!! I breath – I’ll say : I am HERE, one and equal with and as the Physical – speaking now: STOP! – (take a breath) I will NOT allow myself as an automated pre-programmed System to rape myself as the Physical/Life – I realize that whatever good-feeling my Mind is able to ‚give‘ me – it is in fact an Illusion at costs of myself as the Physical/Life – and I choose NOT the Illusion – I choose REALITY/LIFE. Within that I commit myself to free myself from Mind-Love as all Judgments, Beliefs, Pictures, Fantasies, Images, Memories that exist within and as me – through Writing, Self-Forgiveness and Self-Corrective Application – and so re-create myself in Oneness and Eqaulity within and as the Physical and become worthy of LIFE.

I commit myself to an agreement with myself as I realize that all the lack of love, the desire and need to ‚experience‘ love was only possible because I have separated myself from myself, because I have defined myself within pictures, images, memories, fantasies, opinions, judgments, knowledge, information in separation of myself – and I in fact did NOT give to me, what I would like to receive – how simple is that – the realization that all began within oneself as SELF-SEPARATION.

I commit myself to stop energy-sex/mind-love, and to prepare myself through Writing, Self-Forgiveness and Self-Corrective Appication to be able to truely express myself, to grow and expand and explore myself as the Physical, to birth myself as Life HERE – self-caring, self-fulfilling, self-directive – in Oneness and Equality with ALL Self’s as mySelf.

Bildgestaltung: Marlen Vargas del Razo

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