Day 423 – SELF

22. Juni 2017


I forgive myself for accepting and allowing myself to shatter myself into myriad of characters, that I perceive as seperate entities, yet I feel incomplete, completely forgetting how I got here and who I am, as his-story layered as ti(e)me up in my own illusion of separation.

I commit myself to gather all characters as myself, within my Mind first – as I see, realize and understand that the Mind is the core and root of all Manifestation, as my Mind is shattered into myriads of personalities – emerging as thoughts and back-chats, feelings and emotions, noisy memories that I forgot to be my own past creation of separation. I embrace all of me, forgive myself all the moments I separated myself because I did not want to face myself completely, which means I have to come to an agreement with myself, put all pieces together in a way that ALL of me is one and equal expression of mySelf as the living word.

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