Day 408 | Beyond the Yours and Mine

2. März 2016

Walking this week the Point of the ‘Programming of Blame’ I observed that I keep a close check of what is ‘my’ Responsibility and within this ‘Mine’ I automatically create the idea of what is ‘others’/’yours’ – which inevitably creates the Polarity of ‘Mine’ vs. ’Yours’/’Others’ within and as my Mind.

I have been walking the Point of Self-Responsibility rather as ‘Mine’-Responsibility – without realizing, that I cannot be truely self-directive while still accepting and allowing myself within and as my Mind to decide what is ‘my’ Responsibility and what is ‘others’/’yours’.

215480-I-Am-Yours-You-Are-MineResponsibility is not a ‘Thing’, that can be divided into sections and ideas of ‘mine’ or ‘yours’ or ‘theirs’. Responsibility is a Principle — that each one of us is able to live by and stand as within and as each Breath.

I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself to divide Responsibility in ‘Mine’ vs. ‘Yours’/’Others’ – not seeing, realizing and understanding that within this division I separate myself within and as my Mind, and so I am in fact abdicating my Power to live by and stand as the Principle of Response-Ability, being response-able always in all ways to direct myself – the ALL of myself and ALL as myself – as every situation I am part of to an outcome that is best for all.

I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself to forget, that the response-ability to direct myself as ALL of Existence includes the ‘mine’ and the ‘yours’ as well – and so a Life that is lead by the Principle of responding in a way that is always best for all will always create an outcome that is best for ‘me’ and ‘you’ as well.

I commit myself to challenge and to expand my current definition and understanding of what I think is ’mine’/’my’ or ‘yours’/’others’ Responsibility – in removing the borders of Separation – as I see, realise and understand that in doing so, I will equally remove the borders of separation within and as my Self – currently existing in separate layers of Consciousness.

I commit myself to not decide what I will Do or Stop based on the Judgement of and as my Mind as ‘mine’ vs. ‘yours’ – but rather consider the context of any given situation as a unique opportunity to direct ALL of the situation/Existence to an Outcome that is best for all, and doing so I am deciding to always in all ways support myself to apply my Self as the Principle of Self-Response-Ability.

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