Day 403 – Creating Conditions of Life

3. Dezember 2015

When you look at nature, but also how we as human thrive, live or rather survive on this planet, you will find that all of that depends on the condition, the condition of the entvironment/the without, which is conditioning the within (and vice versa).

In winter, when the weather changes, plants look almost like dead, branches and twigs dry out, and the moment the weather condition changes – with the sun, the rain/water, the wind creating the ‘right’ condition, nature starts to ‘live’ again, the buds and young shoots show and open up.

1966897_707532515934722_1321388182_nWhen you look at human life on this planet, it’s obvious that the conditions are not set up in a way to support all human life equally. We often deal with problems in dealing with the symptoms. We don’t look at the bigger picture, why problems, wars, conflicts, diseases, deficits, etc. exist in first place, and what condition is simply set up the ‘wrong’ way. ‘Wrong’ being not supportive for all life.

We live in a civilized world, which means that highly advanced systems operate our reality, those systems create our condition. The education system, health system, transportation system, money system, employment system, you name it.

It’s simple to change life on this planet at the very root – we simply have to adjust the systems in a way so that the systems create a condition that is supporting all life equally.

For example the health system. At the very moment our health system is not set up to support healthy life at all. The premiss is not what’s best for all life, the first premiss of our health system is the profit of the health industry.

Or the education system. At the very moment our education system is not set up to support all students and all teachers at all. The premiss is not what’s best for all, the premiss of our education system is to standardise the human stock and make a pre-selection and for most integrating the acceptance of winning and losing, which is in fact the acceptance of the ‘unfair’/’wrong’ conditions that are created by all the systems within the greater picture. So that you never look and question the mechanics behind, how and why certain conditions are deliberately created, but accept this ‘Inequality’ as ‘natural’ like ‘god-given’.

So you’ll see, that there isn’t as much ‘change’ needed as we think. The systems are set up, they function, they’re here – they only need some adjustment. We have to look at what conditions they’re creating, and if those conditions support all life equally, and if not, what must be done, adjusted, changed to achieve the result we want.

And even that we already do – every day some new adjustments are done by our politicians. Every day they’re discussing some points, and altering, changing or creating new laws. But our premisses are not based on principles that support all life equally. It’s actually really very simple.

You are able to instigate the change within you. Starting with the creation of a condition that supports you as Life. Adjust your daily living application. You already create a condition, look and investigate what condition you are in fact creating, is it supporting you?

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