Day 395 – Taking back the steering wheel into our hands and empowering ourselves through making desicions

18. Mai 2015

423344_356989294322381_628772799_nI’d like to visualise Desicion Making. Our Minds function like an automatic car driven by an autopilot that is fueled by Energy. This is the choice that is given to us by the autopilot, chosing either Positive or Negative Energy – left or right, good or evil.

Desicion Making in Process does NOT MEAN TO CHOSE left or right. In fact it doesn’t mean to chose at all. It means to Take Resposibility for the Car – completely – and becoming a Complete Living Being. Investigating the Inner and the Outer Functions, breath by breath, word by word, step by step learning how to direct SELF and NOT be driven – always in all ways best for ALL Participants.

Realising and Living this Process of CHANGING oneself from existing within and as an automated car, where ALL Choices are preprogrammed to a Complete SELF Responsible Living Being – also starts with a DECISION.

I was for a very long time struggling in my Process, because I have not realised the difference between chosing and deciding. Chosing means to follow a predetermined path. Deciding means to learn and to create something new.

We live in a Reality where Choice gives the Illusion of Movement/Change. But have a look, as an automatically driven car, we simply sit and fuel the engine and everything else is being done for us, as us. We do not move at all. We do not direct at all. We do not decide at all.

Making Decisions is in fact the only Power we have. By Making Desicions we fuel not the Engine, we Power ourselves. Making Desicions is in itself the Power of Self-Empowerment.

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