Day 376 – Skin Problems

18. September 2014

I am having problematic skin condition since I became an adult, which means since my teenage years. Initially as a teenager I thought that impure and blamished skin would eventually disappear, but I grew older and older and my pimples remained the same. No one ever tells you that if pimples are part of your life – they in fact ARE part of your life, and you cannot escape that situation thru getting older, because the pimples are basically you = and you cannot escape yourself.

The causes of impure and blamished skin are multi-dimensional. There is the serious kind of acne, which often is caused by bacteria or fungal; or hormonal disorders, which cause this cyclical pimple-patterns on our bodies and faces. Another factor that has a definite influence on our skin condition is our ‘lifestyle’, our eating habits, the food and the things we put into our bodies. Did you know, that one of the jobs of our skin – and our skin is a really busy organ – is to eliminate the waste we as a body produce? Approx. ¼ of the body waste is eliminated by the skin! So the skin is in fact our externalized Self | our surFace, it really reflects on the without what’s going on in the within.

And there we miss the most influencial point that is more responsible for the condition of our skin, than anything else — the WHO, the WHAT, and HOW we are within and as ourselves. And our skin as the external reflexion of ourselves shows us with the utmost clarity what we do with and to ourselves in fact.

So I am going to write some blogs on this topic. What I have learned walking this point, about the skin, about myself, about the nature of our skin care, our skin care products, the skin care industry, etc — I will point out the ‘problems’ – step by step – and the solutions I have found.

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