The Art of Reflecting/Mirroring – Day 366

6. Juli 2014

spiegelIn October 2012, when I was for the first time at the Desteni-Farm, I once had a dream that was quite vivid and seemed so ‘real’. I told B. of it. We talked for a while, also about the Mind. I saw how the Mind creates ‚perfect copies‘ of physical reality. I imagined a ball that had mirrors on the inner surface. For the Mind, this ball/bubble works like a container. The ‚I‘ that is generated and created as Energy within the Mind-Consciousness System-Bubble-Container has only access to the pictures taken by the Mind. Everything we perceive is not Physical Reality, what we see are actually ‚copies‘. The resolution is sufficiently enough, and the Consciousness-System processes at such a rate, that we actually believe we would ’see directly ‚.

I said, the Mind functions like a mirror, it IS a mirror. B. said yes, there are many mirrors.

When I look into a mirror, what do I see? – I see myself.

I would never get the idea that this might be someone else. To recognise oneself in the mirror, is for humanity even a reason to call us ‘developed’.

What does this knowledge means in my daily self-application?

The ‚others‘ in our ‚apparent‘ reality, are ‚acting‘ as our own mirror-images. To see others as mirror-images of Self does not mean, that one has the right to judge others and their behaviors. Judging Self has no practical significance as well. To see others as mirror images of Self does mean to expose to Self = to become aware of Self – ones thoughts, words and deeds and ones own behaviors – using those mirror-images. There is a german saying, that you can’t see the forest, because of the many trees. This applies as well to ourselves. We are so used to be ‘someone’ (so-me-One) – we have already decided to be the‘One’ within our countless self-talks, we have justified it and completely allowed and accepted it as the ‘I am’ – that it would actually take a sledgehammer to Question this. To shift and deny Responsibility – has become our habit. Habit but still sounds to me too nice – actually, it’s already an addiction. The Addiction to please ourselves. Every time in the world we meet and come in contact with Mirrors, we fall for the Illusion.

Being in Process, means to question Self – Why do we FALL for the Illusion – that it seems as if we really are afraid even to look us in the eye/’I’.

In my Process I have reached the point where I make my own decisions. I’m not afraid of facing myself. I am aware of myself and aware that my mirror-images reveal to me what I have accepted and allowed within and as myself. The Repetitions that I have spoken, thought and lived out and perfected into Automations. If I see something or someone that I do not like, I step back and do not ‚blame‘ or ‘judge’, I consider how to better the situation – and how to allign ALL perspectives to an agreement, that is based on what’s best for ALL. And the funniest thing about it is, that I then actually ‘like’ the result.

When I look in the mirror and notice that one of my strands of hair, is not placed to my utmost potential, I would never get the idea to accuse the hair, I would also not try to reach into the mirror to fix my hair. I am aware that the Origin of the Experience is in front of the Mirror.

Sometimes I still fall – for the Illusion. Once I wrote that B. was my ‚Anchor’. I had the opportunity to have a few chats with B., who has always supported me greatly. He was my ‘Anchor’, because he could show me what is ‘Real’ and what is ‘Illusion’. For some time I was desperate/lost – I felt without an Anchor in free FALL. This Experience as well is a Reflection of and to myself. It is time for me, to realise and live myself out as my ‚Anchor‘. It is time for me, to anchor me that stable, deep and strong, that I no longer FALL for Illusions looking into a Mirror.

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