Day 356 – The Power of Two or More in My Name

3. April 2014

“When two or more stand as equals, when two Human Beings stand as absolute equals on an Beingness as well as Physical level, within that Oneness and Equality they have access into Equality-Life-Substance. And access into Life-Substance is The POWER and it’s not about a Power in relation to for example that you’re going to have this massive PowerSearch or like Power Of Creation or Godly Powers or things like that – No. This Power is simply Life-Substance, Physical Substance, what is and always has been HERE. And it’s not something that you will come to use or do something with. It is something that you become. It is something that you realise. It is something that you come to live or express within yourself and about Existence. And it’s interesting because this Power as well is essentially when two or more in my name – you know – that two-or-more-in-my-name-moment that happens and then getting access into my name, Name = being the Physical = being Power = being Substance or Life-Substance, that in that you get access essentially into Existence. And that access into Existence is Power in itself, because with it comes RESPONSIBILITY. And Real Responsibility in relation to being able to see your Relationship within the Principle of Equality and Oneness to everything and everyone within Existence.

And it is interesting, that many might right now interpret that to be having access to Godly Powers, to Godly Knowledge & Information – you know – into and as Existance as a whole. When in fact, when you and as you walk your Process into your Physical Equality and Oneness, and reach the Point of Life-Substance, of Power, of the Physical, that moment of absolute Equality and Oneness will in fact be exeptionally natural. It’s not this big thing, that happens in fact, because there is that part of you that realise that this has always been me, this is Who and What and How I was always suppose to be.

And so therefore it’s quite interesting – you know – that so many Human Beings, because they in their Minds interpreting Oneness and Equality or having access into – you know – their Minds, their Bodies, Life-Substance and Existence as being this big thing! – you know – you will never have access into and as such Equality and Oneness, because you are essentially making a part of you, all parts of you within Existence more than the You that you are now, in relation to your Mind and your Physical Body. So you’re always going to keep yourself within that dynamic of ‘This me, that I am now and define myself as in my Mind is too small to comprehend the ALL of me within Existence within the Principle of Equality and Oneness, so therefore you’re keeping yourself in Separation by comparing the You that you are now to the You that you can be and become. Alright.

So, now obviously here as well, many might now try and envision what Oneness and Equality is, having access into Existence, into existential Knowledge & Information into and as Life-Substance. I would suggest immediately when you have any visual that’s coming up in relation to that to release it, discard it, let it go, because that’s your Mind again interpreting what it is and how it would be like and could be like and who you would be and what you do – you know – and all those types of things. When – how can you in any way trust what your Mind is showing you, without you actually physically walking the Process for yourself?”

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