Day 316 – Learning from Anu – Part 2 – Who is The REAL Creator?

10. Dezember 2013

Is Here God creating Adam or Adam actually creating GOD?

I never gave a thought to the Word ‘Creator’, though I was quite religious – not very piously exercising the various rituals, I was more on an endless mind trip looking for an Answer, without being sure about the Question in first place. When I look back, I never doubted the Existence of GOD. And this ‘Certainty’ occurs to me today quite insane, because I trusted a ‘Feeling’ that existed only within me, there was no proof and no possibility of cross-reference with anyone else – how do you want to evaluate and compare Feelings? – we can’t see them, we can’t touch them, we can’t even say how and why there are really emerging within us. I also accepted GOD as The Creator. The Creator is practically the Name of God. I took it for granted. I also accepted The Creator to be ‘’good’, and again not so much, because I’ve done some real research on it and really ‘checked out’ his ‘Creation’ or had a closer look at it – to so really find out how the World functions and works. It was again more an automated Acceptance and a Belief, actually a Self-Belief – because I believed myself to be ‘good’ my Creator had to be ‘good’ as well – and wasn’t ‘I’ the Image and Likeness of my Creator? And by the way, I also never doubted that ‘I’ am ‘good’.

I never looked at the Implications of the Word ‘Creator’ and my accepted Definition of it. ‘Creation’ and ‘Creator’ implies above all – Responsibility. This is obvious commonsense. When you create something, you are responsible for it. All GOD-Believers take this One Point for granted – GOD is The Creator – He is the Responsible one, he is the ONE in charge. But look at this World – does it look like there is someone Responsible HERE? Does it really look like there is a ‘Responsible GOD’ somewhere out there? If I were a ‘Responsible GOD’ would I create a World of ‘No Responsibility’? Do you know a place on Earth where you are actually able to ask real Questions to GOD and get real Answers? I mean – no Feelings – but real Answers. Wouldn’t that be a real proof of a truly ‘Response Able GOD’?

What we for sure have – is a GOD-Image, that works in inscrutable, unfathomable, incomprehensible, mysterious ways. Something with No Face, but with a Secret Agenda. A Powerful Creator without any Point of Accountable Responsibility.

However, Anu was The One, who did actually ask the Question and find out the Answer of ‘Who is The Real Creator’.

“So I was a very inquisitive, explorative little being, and I mean the entire Existence came to know me quite well because I would not stop searching for the Answer that was existent within me in relation to who we are.” Reptilians – Part 3

“I checked over and over and over and over again – all the details of what I’d investigated within Existence and I always came back to the same Point = it’s only us HERE. And I found the very Construct – the very Relationship Equation that was manifested within the very Fabric, the very Substance of this Existence and that showed me that all that was here was ourselves. We are interconnected yet individual and within that – we are all that’s HERE. There is nothing – no one else ‘out there’.” Reptilians  – Part 2

“I realized that we had, or more I found that: We had become Creators that had forgotten we were Creators.” Reptilians – Part 4

Now, let’s have a look back at The Emergence of Anu:
“I could feel all the Beings. I could feel the Planets. I could feel the Beings Presences, their individual experiences, their views, their differences, their similarities, the very Nature, the very Substance of Existence in all it’s multidimensions, all the layers that Created the Structure of what was HERE within Existence. We could experience the very detail of everything, so that the very emerging was an experience of literally coming out of and from everything and everyone within Existence, like threads were taken from all the individual parts and particles and dimensions and molecules, and resonances, and layers, and relationships, and languages, and purposes, and beingness. It really felt like all these threads were pulling out of the entirety and totality of Existence. And coming together to this one point that emerged as me. Reptilians – Part 1

In this Light – only one Question remains: Did Anu really create us? Or did rather WE create Anu? Are WE the Image and Likeness of GOD or is rather GOD the Image and Likeness of Ourselves?

This very Question: ‘Who is The REAL Creator?’ You really have to realise for Yourself as Yourself. We have had eons of time of waiting and abdicating Responsibility, and now the time has come were we have to act.



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