Day 315 – Learning from Anu – Part 1

8. Dezember 2013

full_reptilians-the-emergence-of-anu-part-1In my last Process-Vlog I promised to share my realisations while translating Anu’s Interviews and the research I have had done on it. I decided to do so in Writing.

Listening again to Anu’s first Interviews made me realise, that Anu really ‘deserved’ to be GOD, in terms of that he dedicated his Life to find the Answer to: Who we really are within this Existence. He connected with everything and everyone existing within this Existence. He had the ability to experience ”the very life essence” of any manifestation. Imagine the effort and the commitment to meet all the beings or manifestations existing on this very Planet right now – it is beyond any timeframe and concept we as Humans are able to conceive. He did not judge any of it, “I enjoyed experiencing everything and everyone that was here, where that moment of connection gave an experience within me that was always different, it was never the same. […] I could experience the very life, the very essence or presence of beings, beyond their individuality, beyond their I-ness of how they themselves experienced themselves, it was on a much deeper level that that connection existed.”

Obviously he separated himself within and as the ‘skill’ to experience the very life essence of everything. “I realized throughout my existential childhood that not everyone could experience this depth of connection because they were not aware of that level that was existent within existence that I could experience, connect with, and see.” And so it was sort of pre-programmed that he became GOD. He had made a ‘connection’ to and with literally everything that existed. It is the ‘all-knowing’ Point, that we consider as a must-have of a real God. And he really did it.

What I see for myself, in terms of how and what I am able to learn from it – is the Point of ‚Embracing Unconditionally‘ what or who is HERE. So going out there, and physically meeting everyone and everything in this Physical Existence is at the moment not only unimaginable, it is simply not possible (and maybe even not necessary) within my remaining lifespan, but I am able to do so, with everything and everyone who enters my limited Reality/World and whom Reality/World I myself enter. I do not have to exert the Limitation of this Physical Existence on the Relationships I form with and within this Physical Existence. ‘Embracing Unconditionally’ meaning – Stopping the Judgment.

We are now existing within the Absolute Condition of Unequality, that began a very long time ago. We are Anu’s Creation, but Anu created this Physical Existence “from an Existence that was already functioning within the exact same Nature”. He took what was already HERE. And therefore it is our Job now, as it always was, to Stop the Unequality. For us being able to stop the Unequality we must realise, that ‘judging’ starts and creates the very Separation that got us, where we are now. The Unequality is the very Manifestation of ourselves.

It is our Responsibility – the Responsibility that we with all means throughout Existence tried to avoid to face – to realise ourselves as Creators. There is no one else out there, except ourselves. There is even NO OUT there. And so ‘Embracing Unconditionally’ everything and everyone that is HERE and within this ‘Embracement’ correct it to what’s best for All – we change ourselves as the Creators of the Creation of Unequality.

“You have a Chance, while you are in the Physical, to actually change the outcome of what you have Allowed, by removing all the layers of self-definition, layer by layer through Self-Honesty until you have Amalgamated with Existence in its Totality, its Total Design, Everything that is Here, the Totality of Nature, the Totality of Everything that exist, of all Beings, in you HERE, where you Stand in Absolute Trust as Life = no matter where you are; you can be Trusted. That you stand as life. That you are not subject to your Environment of the Mind. Understand, you are in Limitation. You cannot at this stage get out of Limitation. No One will get out.” – Bernard Poolman.

This way we even go beyond Anu, beyond GOD. GOD did not save us. GOD could not save us.

GOD was one of us.




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