Day 314 – The Matrix is REAL

7. Dezember 2013

Neo-wakes-upI was a huge fan of the movie ‘The Matrix’ and secretly also a conspiracy lover. Though it was not as secret as I might be believing. Our Mind is in some way always seeping through. And so, whenever I today urge people to understand that the Matrix is really real, the Point as Judgment  of me being a Conspiracy Theorist comes up and whatever I might present or share is being disregarded as some new craziness. However – I do not wish anymore to be convincing. This Blog is a Sharing of my Journey. Whoever is able to grasp what I am able to share must do their own research – basically must be willing to do their own research. I will simply place some pointers and document my walk as my Journey to Life.

When I first came across Desteni, the only Being I was really noticing and focusing on was Bernard Poolman. I was astounded by the Information he was presenting. My first comment on the initial Desteni youtube channel – that still existed in the year 2010 and that was literally a library of thousands of world-human-history-documents one of a kind – was a comment on a Video made by Bernard Poolman. „Bernard reminds me of Morpheus“ I wrote.

Throughout my Journey I have realised that The Movie was just a movie. A Neo does not exist. We all are in a way Neos. But the Matrix and the System does really exist. But it was not developed by a Machine – we ourselves have created Ourselves as the machines we are today – Human Organic Robots. And because we ourselves allowed ourselves to be and become a Machine, no one, no Morpheus ever will be able to free you from that Machine. So also a Morpheus does not exist.

What is completely disregarded in The Movie is the Point of God. Yes, there is a scene with a child monk, that implies some sort of Religion or Spirituality – but the Point of God or Heaven or an Afterlife like it exist in our actual Reality is simply ignored. I guess, for the sake of Entertainment. Including all the various religious forms and ideas that exist on this planet, would somehow break the mould of a 90 minutes movie. The Information/Message that is presented by Desteni, however does not exclude any Points of our Actual Reality. Be it Religion, God, Food, Money, Work, Education, History, Time, Nature, Animals, Mind, Illuminati, War, Politics, Sex, Death, Viruses, Atoms, Family, Friends or any other Point that you could possibly come up with – is placed into a commonsence greater picture.

In the year 2012 I had the Opportunity to meet the Man in Flesh, that I still perceived to be Morpheus, the being that could pull out the ‘plugs’. He did not and it was not at all his intension to pull out any of the plugs of any being. However he showed me that the ‘plugs’ are REAL. If there was any intension at all, it was to show those that were willing to understand, the actual condition and conditioning, give perspectives and show ways out. The fascinating point is, that the Machine – the actual state and condition of the human organic robot is not visible. Visible meaning, that our 5 senses were not designed to ‘see’ the Machine. But how we process ourselves is directly revealing the Machine. So, we do not ‘see’ the Machine, but we experience it.

And it was my Turning Point in the year 2011, the Point where I decided to join Desteni – join not follow -, where my ‘World’, my ‘Reality’, my ‘Matrix’ turned upside down – when I realised that the MIND is The Matrix – and not the Physical Existence. The Matrix is within me. The Machine is within me. I am the Machine. I am the Matrix. I am existing within a Real Living Physical Existence, though I am in a way a walking dead – a full automatically functioning Robot. I process information within and as a Machine that I am believing I am.

This is the Point of why a Morpheus does not exist and cannot exist. You ARE the Machine that keeps your Living Beingness captured within and as a Mind. The Mind as all Machines does work only by, with and through Energy. All your positive Feelings and negative Emotions are basically the Energy that keeps the System, the Machine – what we perceive to be – alive. Bernard showed me, how I am feeding on my actual Self, feeding on the Physical Life to keep the Machine alive, because a Machine always needs some sort of ‘fuel’ to be able to run. And because the Self as Life – is the Original Creator – there is no other Saviour. You yourself have to become the Original Self to enable yourself to pull out the plugs and stop the Machine for yourself as yourself.

There is this Scene in the Movie where Neo gets disconnected. He awakens in a pod and finds everyone asleep. The dream that everyone else is experiencing is known as The Matrix. So see for yourself – we as Humans are functioning on this Living Planet without any Consideration for Life. The Way we function within – meaning the feeding on our own Physical Body to keep the Mind alive is one and equal existing in the without – how we as Humanity feed on the Living Body of the Planet to keep the World-System alive. We are harvesting our Physicality, our Resources, our Planet – we are the Consumers. In Reality, no one else will be able to make you see that. There is no ‘external’ Machine, that is ‘forcing’ you. The Matrix is not a Dream. It is real. Because you are real, you’ve made the Matrix real.

So coming out of that, is not as simple as finding a Morpheus who will save you. You have first to realise and come in peace with the fact, that you have created yourself as your own Enslavement. The Idea of a Saviour is but an Illusion and a Hope that rather helps the System to keep on moving, keep on feeding on you. As long as you hope, and wait – nothing will change – you will not change. And this is the very point I would like to emphasize here – it is really time to get to know ourselves, who we really are and what is really going on on this Planet. For those who are really interested in what the Matrix really is I will place some links for further investigation. Have fun!

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