Day 268 – The Word ‘Świnia’/‘Pig’ (3) Self-Commitment

31. Juli 2013

Today I have tested and played with the word ‘Świnia’/‘Pig’. I was looking what happens to/with me if I speak the word, and what happens if someone else speaks the word – I was testing it in polish and german.

So what I have observed is how I charge words, give them a ‘meaning’, a ‘purpose’, a ‘value’ — and how I use them as weapons to strike someone, and because someone (or me too) is reacting, I believe I have ‘power’ over the word and so over the person.

BUT I never looked at how this all came to exist in first place. How do I actually give a word a ‘meaning’, what determines the ‘value’ of a word? All of this is created through, within and as Mind-Processes – ‘thinking’ as copying, integrating and storing ‚Information‘. The Mind never comes up with a ‘new’ thing, we copy words, we copy the ‘meaning’, we copy the ‘value’ — we follow the Mind. So ‘WHO’ has actually the real Power? Do we really have any Power over Words — or do Words rather have Power over us?

I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself to believe that by giving a word a ‘meaning’ and a ‘value’ I gain some power over the word — without accepting and allowing myself the self-honesty to realise that by doing so — giving the word a ‘meaning’ and a ‘value’ in Separation of myself is in fact giving the word power over me.

I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself to call people ‘Świnia’/‘Pig’, when I wanted them to feel bad about themselves, not realising how I had to create this relationship within and as myself first.

I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself to not realise how in fact I do to others/or others do to me, what I do to myself first — so that I am and was always the starting point of any judgment.

I realise that if I clear the word ‘Świnia’/‘Pig’ within and as myself /clear the relationship towards, within and as myself — I clear the Judgment itself — I will not react — and one and equal I will not cause others to react — as I will not abuse the word — as within so without.

I commit myself to re-define the word ‘Świnia’/‘Pig’ back to an animal’s name, and not abuse it as an inflated mind-relationship onto myself and onto others as myself.

I commit myself to discharge the word of any ‘value’ and ‘meaning’ that goes beyond the physical facts — a general description of a specific animal breed.

I commit myself to breathe through reactions, when I face the word in my reality — as I realise that the word has no ‘real’ power over me, and that I’m always the starting point of any judgment — and that it is NOT the person talking ‘bad’ about me, but it is in fact me judging myself.

Within that I commit myself to rather forgive myself my reaction and to re-align myself back to equality and oneness as all life here, than to create further consequence in reacting to the word/to the person, and so maintaining and sustaining relationships of separation, that are ‘making’ us ‘believe’ that we gain some ‘power’ over ‘others’ in ‘abusing’ inflated and disfunctional words.

I commit myself to stand as an example of how words can be re-defined and re-aligned back to equality and oneness as oneself, and how we can stop judgment in the without in stopping judgment in the within.

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