Day 116 – Realisations on the Farm – Part 1

6. November 2012

Before I continue writing about and sorting out the consequences, that I have created over time and which obviously accumulated and became my current ‚life‚, I will share some realisations I had during my visit on the Desteni Farm. Because the most important thing I want to share is, that a Farm visit is an extraordinary opportunity one can gift to oneself – especially for those who participate within the Desteni-I-Process Pro and who had already walked some process and proved to themselves the Self-Will to Self-Change.

The first thing I saw is that I have created an idea and a belief about the Process itself. I had expected some ‚divine‘ and ‚etherical‘ beings, that are always ‚what’s best for all‘, but I didn’t consider that my definition of ‚what’s best for all‘ was still in the context of ‚good‘ and ‚positive‘, in terms of the System understanding of ‚doing the right thing‘, being ‚right‘, knowing the ‚truth‘ – but I have completely missed the Point of the Physical Alignment and the Real Practical Living – Process was still a Mind-Construct, a Belief-System as Knowledge and Information – and not the actual Walk Breath by Breath.

And so my first Realisation was, that Practical Physical Living is in fact the Simplicity of Life. When one look at Physical Living – it is quite an ‚easy‘ thing to DO.

The most important Relationship that exists within a Being within and as this Physical Existence is obviously the Relationship within and as ones Physical Human Body – the Relationship towards, within and as Self.

So, let’s start looking at it, in a practical way: my Body needs nutrition, so I am taking care of the proper nutrition to assist and support the physical functioning. My Body needs cleansing and obviously my Human Physical Body is quite capable of cleansing itself like shitting, peeing, bleeding, crying, farting and there is also assistence required for me to clean it like taking a shower. And also the cleansing of what I as a Mind-Consciousness-System have created within my Physical Body – the Relationships within and as my Mind within the Physical. And those Relationships of Separation I am able to clean up utilizing the Tools of Self-Forgiveness and Self-Corrective-Application. So I have realized that Process is in fact a Prozess of Cleansing and taking care of my Physical Body. Here Physical Pain is quite assisting – Where have I restricted myself? Where have I accepted and allowed myself to create Systems, where have I connected and interweaved the Mind into and as my Physical Body? Where is Re-Alignment required? And also for instance to check if I need a rest, if I am sleeping enough, or sleeping too much, am I eating enough, am I eating too much, is the food supporting me, etc.

And what I saw is that Thoughts, Feelings, Emotions, Back-Chats, Reactions are in fact pollution to my Physical Body and being HERE and Breathing is a form of Cleansing, too.

So, this is my first Realisation that I want to share: to NOT accept and allow oneself as the Mind to POLLUTE one’s Physical Body, to really care about oneself, be HERE and live Breath by Breath – Breathing is such a wonderful thing – and commit oneself to the Process of Cleansing and establishing an Agreement within and as oneself to assit and support oneself to transcend the Mind. And within that allow oneself to realize that within this Realisation and the Living Proof of it – one in fact cares about the Physical itself – one and equal as ALL Physical as LIFE — That one walk the Self-Cleansing Process for oneself as for all as oneself — In the within as one’s own Physical Body and the without as the World-System — Stopping all that in fact does not support Life and change it to what’s best for all.


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