Day 102 – I don’t want to leave the Farm! Realizations & Self-Commitment

23. Oktober 2012

I see, realize and understand that Back-Chat is always about Separation and Self-Interest, and that if I accept and allow myself to participate and identify within and as whatever Back-Chat comes up, I lose, because I accept and allow myself to exist within and as Consciousness, which is in fact NOT Life HERE.

I see, realize and understand that what I preceive to be ‚the easy way‘ of Life on the Desteni Farm, is in fact dedication, commitment and participation of each and everyone who had ever lived or lives on the farm, and requires a life-time decision that stands absolutely – so that visitors as I am are able to face themselves regardless and to investigate and explore themselves within and as a lifestyle – that I would not believe to be possible – each individual standing alone, self-responsible and self-honest, thus all-one working and living togheter to bring about a Living Change as Living Examples for themselves and for all as themselves.

I see, realize and understand that my position of ‚being a Slave‚ to, within and as the World-System, is the consequence and the result of my own existence as a Organic Mind-Robot, all the desicions, acceptances and allowances that I have ever participated in, throughout my lifes – and even within that I am ‚lucky‘ because I had access to System-Education, have a stable job, a home, a car, access to Money and therefore in the perfect position to support myself and within and as the Realization of mySelf as LIFE HERE able to support and assist those who are willing – equal as one as I do – to bring about the necessary Change to align ourselves to the Physical Evidence of What’s Best for All and so eventually stop all Enslavement and create a New World, a New System that supports LIFE.

Therefore I commit myself to firstly walk the Desteni-I-Process and my Journey to Life consistantly to eventually stop the Mind and secondly stand as an example of Change for myself and for all as myself and thirdly to invest the Money I have access to and my skills to contribute and to give everything I am able to – to establish a Solution that is ‚Best for All Life‘. As I see, realize and understand that the Desteni Message is the only valid message, because of it’s mathematical equation of ‚One plus One equals Two‘ and the only way to create Heaven on Earth.

And isn’t it what I’d wish for myself – an Existence of peace and freedom, of growth and expansion – in it’s absoluteness – and 1+1=2 means give what you’d like to receive, and therefore I must give to ALL, what I would like to receive.

I commit myself to go back to the World-Matrix and take all the necessary Steps – Breath by Breath – to establish myself and re-create myself and to eventually re-birth myself as the Living Word.

I see, realize and understand that it is all about Self-Responsibility. Self as what one has accepted and allowed oneself to exist as, to participate in, to create – and Resposibility as to direct and align every Relationship that one has created within and as oneself and equal-to and one-with it every Relationship within and as the World-System – as within so without – to the Best for All. And where else to start then at ‚home‘ – the ‚heart‘ of my Existence. And what does it says about me, when I don’t want to return to my ‚home‘, which is in fact ‚ME’/myself – I would even dare to say it’s a good thing as it shows that I am ready and therefore able to change – So I commit myself to go back ‚home‘ and take all the actual practical steps to change my ‚home to a place that I am comfortable with, and within this realization that my ‚home‘ is in fact myself – change myself to a being I can live with – always stable HERE.

I commit myself to take care and establish a new Relationship with myself, as I see, realize and understand that I had always dismissed and ignored myself, that all Relationships I have ever created was an attempt to fulfill the hole within and as me, not accepting and allowing myself to realize that within that ‚hole‘ I am missing the whole Point of Wholeness – Myself HERE one and equal to and as LIFE.

On the Desteni Farm I have realized that Life is in fact simple – breathing, walking, doing, communicating, cooking, eating, seeing, directing, working, sleeping, shitting, washing – and that it is in fact the Mind, that tries to be more then, better then, faster then, and so actually creating less then, creating conflict, competition, judgment, ideas, beLIEfs and fears – it’s time to stop all that that does NOT support Life, and I am able to do that wherever I am, wherever I live, breath, walk, do, communicate, cook, eat, see, direct, work, sleep, shit or wash.

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