Day 97 – Every Day is Judgment Day – Part 2

18. Oktober 2012

This Blog is a continuation of yesterdays Blog: Day 96 – Every Day is Judgment Day

When and I see myself within a situation where someone’s judging me of ‚being lazy‘ – I slow down and breath, remain HERE within and as my breath – I do not accept and allow myself to copy that Judgment into and as myself, I allow myself to realize that this being is simply projecting his/her own Mind/internal world into his/her external world. I see, realize and understand, that Judgment is always about oneself only. I commit myself to let go of all Self-Definitions of me ‚being lazy‘, as I see and realize, that this is NOT who I am, I can direct myself and establish an equal and one relationship of ‚doing Nothing‘ and re-define it, to resting, taking a break, sleeping – NOT as doing ‚Nothing‘ ‚important‘ or of ‚value‘ due to the world-system/money-system – I am simply stopping the Polarity of ‚positive‘ and ’negative‘ within and as ‚doing Nothing‘, and seeing it for what it is – not moving, relaxing – giving myself some rest.

I see that I am not ‚lazy‘ at all, I enjoy physical movement, physical interaction, physical communication, breathing, walking, eating, cooking, cleaning – as I enjoy resting, relaxing, sleeping, lying within and as my physical body – always HERE.

I commit myself to stop believing and following my Mind to bullshit me and direct me within and as my self-definitions and so limit myself to a small little tiny point, as I realize that all Judgment is in fact a prison, projected equal as one within and as myself and onto all as myself and so creating in fact together our own imprisonment as the Mind-Consciousness-System.

I commit myself to stop participation within and as the Thought of ‚ I have to do this‘ as keeping myself busy out of pure Fear of NOT doing something ‚important‘ or of ‚value‘ – as I realize that my definitions of ‚Nothing‘ or ‚Important‘ or ‚Value‘ were in fact in reverse of what is in fact best for all Life, but simply existent only within and as the Self-Interest of the current world-system/money-system/mind-consciousness-system to generate Energy/Money to further more separate ourselves from ourselves as LIFE HERE.

When and as I see myself being and existing as Fear of being NOT important or of NO value – I stop, I breath – I realize that Fear is just Energy, so I utilize Breath to release all the Energy and stabilize myself HERE as my Physical Body – and so be able to direct myself as physical movement that does not require Mind-Energy – to step by step, breath by breath bring about the solution and the outcome of what’s best for all.

I commit myself to stop judging my participation, my action, my interaction, my movement in terms of ‚doing something‘ of ‚value‘ or ‚importance‘ as I realize that within that I am only following my Self-Interest – instead I allow myself to move equal and one with what is HERE, to direct myself and all as myself to a solution of what’s best for all – not matter what – simply doing what I have commited myself to do and what must be done.

I commit myself to show, that the Message of ‚Judge not that ye be not judged‘ is the true message of Jesus, that we are existing within and as a Reality/World of Oneness and Equality, and thus whatever we do upon each other we do equal as one to ourselves – thus nobody had ever considered to live it Breath by Breath and actually live it as the Living Word.


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